James Hietfield and Kirk Hammet

James Alan Hietfield was born on 3 agustus 1963 in Downey, Los Angeles. His Father Virgil Hietfield owner of Truck Company and his mother Cyntia is a singer of opera, enlarged in family embracing obedient Christian religion. Hietfield start to exercise piano at age 9 year and finally play guitar age 14 year. Since is adolescent, he very take an interest in music of hardrock like Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, and Motorhead. In year 1981, he get acquainted with Lars Ulrich and form band Metallica. By adding guitarist Dave Mustaine and Bassist Ron Mcgovney, Metallica start writing and record tape demonstration. Lineup Metallica more solid after Clifford Lee Burton change Mcgovney in year 1982 and former guitarist of Exodus, Kirk Hammet, replacing next Dave Mustain one year. Dismissed Mustaine is addicted because forbidden drug and alcohol, last he form group band Megadeth.

While Kirk Hammet born 18 November 1962 in Fransisco. His Mother from Philippine and his father bleed Ireland. Since childhood Kirk Hammet very is admiring Jimi Hendrix and start to learn guitar in age 15 year. Year 1980, he form group band Exodus which is genre trash metal with Paul Baloff as vocalist, and Tom Hunting at drummer. Year 1983, he abstract from Exodus moment get bargain of Metallica to replace position Dave Mustaine. At the time of him still learn guitar of Joe Satriani.

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