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Name: Eric Clapton
Birth Name: Eric Patrick Clapton
Height: 5' 11½''
Sex: M
Nationality: British
Birth Date: March 30, 1945
Birth Place: Ripley, Surrey, England, UK
Profession: Composer, Actor, Producer
Education: Kingston Art School Kingston-upon-Thames England UK
Husband/Wife: Melia McEnery (graphic artist; Irish and Korean heritage; met in 1999; married on January 1, 2002), Patricia Anne Boyd (actress, model; married on March 27, 1979; divorced in June 1988; ex-wife of former Beatle George Harrison)
Relationship: Lori Del Santo (Italian TV actress), Yvonne Kelly, Sheryl Crow (musician, dated in 1996)
Father: Edward Fryer (Canadian soldier)
Mother: Patricia Molly Clapton
Half Brother: Ted Rich (guitarist; father: Edward Fryer)
Grand Father: Jack Clapp (Rose's second husband)
Grand Mother: Rose Clapp
Son: Conor Clapton (born on August 21, 1986; died on March 20, 1991, as a result of a fall from the 53rd floor of a NYC condo; mother: Lori Del Santo)
Daughter: Ella May (born on January 14, 2003; mother Melia McEnery), Julie Rose (born on June 12, 2001; mother: Melia McEnery), Ruth Kelly (born in 1985; mother: Yvonne Kelly)

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syem on 14 Mei 2009 16.11 mengatakan...

kren nech.........
trnyata loe gk stngah-2 suka musik...
tank's yaw...uda mmpir,,
tp gw agak ksulitan ma blog loe... alnya bahasa english gtu... tp kren shob....

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